Down in the Dungeon

Come visit the Bargain Dungeon today for some great savings. Dungeon items help you save up to 70% on clearance and overstocked items. All products listed in the dungeon are heavily discounted or are special sale items. This is because they are overstock items, damaged items, or just need to be sold. Each product page will give you specific information on each sale item so you know the reason for the sale. is the best place to find the gear you need at reasonable prices. Our Roman armor line can help to create an authentic Christmas play for your church or recreate the Roman Empire for a school project. LARP groups will find a variety of products to suit their fancy and help set the scene for the era they have chosen to role-play in.

Whatever the need may be, get the best deals on armor and swords here! We are constantly adding new items and others go in and out of stock, so shop now before you lose out on these amazing bargains!

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