Larping For a Living

When you delve into the fantastical world of LARP, also known as Live Action Role Playing, you will feel like you are stepping into a whole new world or even a setting from the past. LARP is a type of role-playing game where each player has a character in which they take the form of during the entire event. They act out battles, goals, and quests, all the while staying in character. Rules for the game are set forth by the team members themselves or by the “gamemaster.”

Live action role-playing has been around since the late 1970s and was inspired by table top role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. During the 1980s, the game caught international attention and has grown rapidly over the years, becoming a well-known affair. LARP groups greatly range in style and rules, creating a very diverse sphere of gaming options. The most popular settings for this type of stage are modern, historical, and futuristic eras. Genres range from realistic to a more fantasy or fictional level. These events can be a few hours long with a few friends or they can become great spectacles of a thousands players lasting for days at a time.

Many groups choose to stay solely within the realm of gaming while others choose to take a more artistic approach, embracing drama and theatre in their chosen personification. LARP costumes and props are typically made by the DIY types, ranging from your run-of-the-mill PVC and duct tape to more elaborate and time consuming sets and attire. Many players choose to purchase the more realistic weapons, like battle axes, to add to the overall impression of their ensemble.

When pouring through all the different styles and types of battle axes for sale one must keep in mind the image or character they are attempting to portray. A member of a live action role-playing team should know what genre and in what era they will be playing, so that they may choose a weapon or apparel that closely relates to the theme.

LARP groups offer a great opportunity for socialization and provide an outlet for artistic expression. Most groups are very welcoming and excepting of new members or those who are simply curious in the matter on live action role-playing. If you are interested in joining a local team you can find an abundant amount of information online. If you are looking to build your collection of LARP weapons and garb, you will find all that you need at!

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