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Brace Yourself… Or At Least Your Arms

Q: What is a warrior’s most important possession? A: His arms! Yes, we’re talking the physiological appendages. After all, how is he to wield his weapon without them? Medieval armor-makers must have agreed because their creation of plate armor included … Continue reading

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New Photo Contest On the Armor Venue Facebook Page!

We just started our first Photo Contest over on the Armor Venue Facebook page. How to enter? Just upload a picture of you wearing or displaying one of our products, or it can be a medieval themed item as well … Continue reading

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The Ole Mail and Chain

Have you ever put on a mesh bracelet and thought to yourself, “This is wonderful. If only it covered my entire body!” If so, you have a lot in common with Medieval warriors, the crew that popularized the armor called … Continue reading

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Leather Armor

Medieval men may have not yet known the delights of a double cheeseburger, but they managed to find an equally thrilling item to make from their cows: Leather armor!  Leather is likely the earliest material used to craft personal armor, … Continue reading

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The Medieval Iron Man

Centuries before the Tin Man gamboled down the yellow brick road, the men of the Medieval Age pranced around dressed head-to-toe in metal. Well, “pranced” is a relative term, considering the fact that a full suit of armor weighed about … Continue reading

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By the Armor of Ares! (And Other New Ancient Catchphrases)

Pop Quiz: What is a “hoplite”? A)     A type of insecticide that targets grasshoppers B)      A leapfrog-esque children’s game made by Hasbro C)      A refreshing chocolaty beverage D)     A Greek dude with chiseled bronze abs The answer is “D”! To … Continue reading

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Armor Venue’s First Sweepstakes!

Hi Armor Venue Fans, We’re excited to hold our first ever Sweepstakes at the Armor Venue Facebook Page! This month we’re giving away a FREE Medieval War Sword, picture here: This sword has a full tang, carbon steel blade, and … Continue reading

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You Say “Lorica,” I Say “Segmentata”

When in Rome… suit up as the Romans suit up. If you were a soldier between 9 B.C. to the 3rd century A.D., you might have been donning the Lorica Segmentata. To put it simply, “Lorica” is Latin for “armor” … Continue reading

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To Cuirass or Not to Cuirass?

The ancient Egyptians were actually the civilization that created the first known armor – a shirt-like garment with bronze plates sewn onto it. The armor was very weighty, making walking like an Egyptian very difficult, unlike the delightful dance craze … Continue reading

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