Pauldrons on My Shoulders Make Me Happy

As a knight, if you want to brush your shoulder off like a boss, you’d have to do so through a layer of metal. The pieces of armor covering a knight’s shoulders were called “pauldrons.”

king pauldrons

The King Pauldrons

Now stop. Before I say more, here’s a thought. Have you ever wondered what would be playing on a medieval radio station if one ever existed? Beyond the liturgical chants and twanging lutes, what would the general populace have wanted to tune into as they kicked back at the end of the day with a 7th century beer?

Would there be a doo-wop band called “Clangy and the Armorettes”? How about a punk act named “Throw the Gauntlet”? An indie duo called “Gregor Goes Chanting”? With so many living the rustic life, this author suspects the Middle Agers would have greatly appreciated folk music. With that in mind, here’s a rendition of the John Denver classic “Sunshine on My Shoulders,” tweaked to tell you just a little bit more about medieval pauldrons

“Pauldrons on My Shoulders”

Pauldrons on my shoulders make me happy

Pauldrons protect me when I am at war

If you’re in a medieval reenactment

You’ll want to know what pauldrons are for


Pauldrons guard your shoulders and armpits

So you’ll need to monitor the smell

They might cover part of your back and neck, too

So you’ll know that you’re protected well


If I had some pauldrons I could give you

They’d be part of the plate armor you wore

They evolved sometime in the 15th century

From spaulders, which then became no more


You see, spaulders – they were just a bit smaller

Though in the Middle Ages that was fine

Then the Renaissance brought in finer armor

And the use of spaulders gradually declined


Now pauldrons are made of sturdy iron

Though leather or heavy fabric were also used

These pieces usually have no adornment

But late-era Germans etched them with grooves


If I had a tale that I could tell you

I’ll tell a tale of jousting on a horse

One of my pauldrons had a cut-away spot

So I could rest my lance there, of course


Pauldrons on my shoulders make me happy

Their large dome-shape makes me coo and sigh

The lames attached always defend my shoulders

So I can go to battle anytime!


merc steel pauldrons

Merc Steel Pauldrons

Inspired to strap on some medieval armor? Get to it, good Sir/Madam!

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