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Little Known Facts

History is fascinating, as there are always more layers to uncover.  Just when you think you have found everything there is to know about a time period or civilization, you realize there is still a plethora of unknown facts.  For … Continue reading

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Long Live the King

After a long week of work and stress, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoying a good movie.  But then there’s always the agonizing decision of what film to choose.  Well, let … Continue reading

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Not a Banana, But a Katana

When a samurai would go into battle, there was always that dilemma of what sword to choose.  Several options were set before him, and among them was the katana.  These swords were most common in feudal Japan, but its development … Continue reading

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All You Have to Do is Move Your Little Finger

As we go back to the early ages of firearms, in the beginning was the matchlock system, which led to the wheellock system, which led to the snaplock system, which led to the snaphance and miquelet system, which led to … Continue reading

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A New Look: The Old West

We’ve all seen the movies!  A man walks into a saloon, in which cowboys are playing cards and having a few drinks.  He eyes one of the card players and draws a gun.  In turn, the card player sees the … Continue reading

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Turn and Draw

So, you’ve seen all those daring swordfights and snazzy moves in the movies and now you are inspired to become a swordsman yourself.  But be forewarned: using a sword is no walk in the park!  It takes training and technique … Continue reading

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One Cut at a Time

If you were a warrior in the Viking age, you would want a weapon that was quick and light, with easy access for those deadly attacks that were so rampant.  Thus, the preferred choice for fighting was the battle axe.  … Continue reading

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War Time Play…Act Now!

When I was in first grade, I discovered the wonderful world of live theatre.  My childhood was spent doing many school and community theater plays and I simply couldn’t get enough of the live performance experience!  I found it exhilarating … Continue reading

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