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Time For TLC

Whether you are preparing our Halloween costume or preparing for a recreational event, it is undeniable that wearing armor will be a sure fire way for you to stand out!  And after all is said and done and the armor … Continue reading

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They’re The Ones That You Want

If you were going into battle in ancient Greek times, the guys you would want on your team were the hoplites.  They were citizen-soldiers of the infantry and recruited from the wealthy middling ranks of society, particularly the farmers.  Hoplites … Continue reading

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A Pointed Game

In thinking about a weapon like a spear, it seems like so much fun to use.  Think of all those war scenes in movies where warriors go crazy and charge into battle aiming their spear all over the place.  While … Continue reading

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All Work and No Play

With every successful army comes a successful leader.  The Roman military is no exception to this statement.  In fact, from the Romans came one of the most courageous and respectable of leaders…the centurion. A centurion was a highly regarded officer … Continue reading

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I Won’t Grow Up

One of the most enjoyable aspects of children is watching their imaginations run wild.  I am sure you have many fond recollections of the good old childhood days of dressing up and playing crazy games like cops and robbers and … Continue reading

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War Time Watchers

The power of cinema is great!  It can transport you to a whole new world and stimulate the senses and emotions in such a way that you walk away forever changed, with a new perspective or more insight.  In sticking … Continue reading

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A Roman Revolution: The Gladius

You have heard the saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  And the Romans were no fools in following to these words.  They did not reinvent the wheel, but they instead strengthened it.  Building on the weapons of the … Continue reading

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Hand in Glove

In medieval times, where hand-to-hand combat was the norm, a smart knight knew what to wear in the fight.  One of the most important pieces of armor was the gauntlet, a glove that covers the wrist and forearm.  A knight … Continue reading

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Step into the Dark Side

When you hear the word Goth, it is probable that you envision someone dressed in black, who is depressed and withdrawn, with an occasional violent outburst and an artistic edge.  While there may be a bit of truth to this … Continue reading

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