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Oda Nobunaga: One Man, One Nation United

In the Hall of Fame of Japanese history, few have been of greater influence than samurai warrior Oda Nobunaga.  He was merely one man, but brought a nation together.  He stood tall and fought strong, even unto death with impressive … Continue reading

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Tomahawk Basics

Made popular by Native Americans, the tomahawk, also referred to as simply a hawk, entered the scene in the 17th century.  Used as a hand-to-hand or thrown weapon, it was originally modeled after a Royal Navy boarding axe.  Today, the … Continue reading

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George Washington: A Man of Firsts and Onlys

You know him as the first presidents of the United States, one of the founding fathers, commander during the American Revolutionary War, and the face of the dollar bill.  There is no question that George Washington left his mark on … Continue reading

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The Grenade: Little Object, Big Effect

You have heard it said that “size does matter”.  In some cases this may be true, but something of small stature can also have gigantic effects.  A prime example to prove this point is the examination of the grenade.  Basically … Continue reading

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Celtic Warriors: Their Strategy, Warfare, And Armor

In contrast to modern day, a Celtic warrior was not considered a part of a specific social class, but they were equal to aristocracy.  Also different from other civilizations of the day, both men and women were allowed to train … Continue reading

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Spartan Soldiers: From Boys to Men

The word “Spartan” has come to be known as describing self-denial and simplicity and for the lives of the people of Sparta, this was the case.  Set apart from other family structures of ancient Greek city-states, the Spartans valued loyalty … Continue reading

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The Battle Axe: A Cutting Companion

When reflecting on the Medieval period, the common image is of galloping horses, adventurous knights, and daring swordfights.  True, these were elements of the Middle Ages, but more than being exciting, it was an extremely violent time in history.  War … Continue reading

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Gladiator Fighting: Playing By The Rules

Gladiators in ancient Rome were known as brutal fighters, engaging in combat to the death.  With so much brutality, it would seem that these battles were free-for-alls without structure and order.  However, like modern fighters, such as wrestlers and boxers, … Continue reading

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Collection of World War II Peculiar Facts

Known as the bloodiest battle in history, World War II, lasting from 1939-1945, resulted in 50 to 70 million casualties.  It has been the subject of numerous films and books and is a staple of school history classes.  You probably … Continue reading

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