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The Vikings: Truth Revealed

When you think of a Viking, you most likely think of some buff dude with long hair from Scandinavia, carrying an axe.  Such is the portrayal of these people in today’s popular culture.  However, a lot of what has morphed … Continue reading

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Greek Swords: A Telling Tale

When examining Greek swords, it is impossible to do so without learning the basic history of their civilization.  Because every sword emerged for a specific purpose at a specific time, it greatly informs us of the events of the time … Continue reading

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Medieval Tournaments: Affairs To Remember

It started as a training ground for knights in France in the 11th century to refine their combat skills, but by the 13th century, medieval tournaments became a riveting social event for all ages.  Featuring knights in armor and armed … Continue reading

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Chainmail: Lasting Effect

In the development of armor over the ages, one of the most unique and impacting is chainmail.  Comprised of rings linked together to form patterns, this armor type worked well as a protective force in the Middle Ages and beyond.  … Continue reading

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