Chainmail: Lasting Effect

In the development of armor over the ages, one of the most unique and impacting is chainmail.  Comprised of rings linked together to form patterns, this armor type worked well as a protective force in the Middle Ages and beyond.  Its effects changed the fighting frontier in many ways and continue to serve many today.

For army leaders, the innovation of chainmail was a dream come true as it solved many problems.  No longer did they have to look for that all-encompassing and dependable protection to equip their men.  With chainmail came an inexpensive way to make armor for the masses, as well as flexibility to fit it to men of all sizes.  Another huge praise from this ringed armor was its ease of use, enabling warriors more mobility.  Up until the emergence of chainmail, fighters marched into battle with shields.  While shields were decent protection, agility was impaired as one hand was occupied by holding the protective piece.  However, this gear provided a solution by providing the wearer with defensive attire and freeing up both hands.  Thus, new strategies and techniques could be implemented.

Full Length Chainmail with Hood:

Full Length Chainmail with Hood

Another accolade for chainmail was its awesome injury prevention.  Granted, it was not invincible and couldn’t withstand every weapon (especially really blunt ones), it could definitely hold its own against the stab of a sword, the hit of a spear, and the blow of an axe.  Because chainmail made it a great deal more difficult for an adversary to penetrate the flesh, injury and death on the battlefield was reduced by a fair degree.  In addition to fatal wounds being less likely, chainmail armor also prevented minor injuries.  While minor jabs and skin openings weren’t deadly, risk of infection was high and could easily lead to something much worse if left untreated too long.  Fortunately, this new ringed apparel kept infection at a low as well.

As with anything, nothing lasts forever and chainmail was no exception.  Its glory days were eventually replaced by the evolution of plate armor, which offered even stronger protection for knights.  Fortunate for chainmail, it did not disappear, but shifted in its use from being primary wear to supplementary.  It worked together with plate armor to cover areas of the body such as knees, elbows, and neck that plate armor left exposed.  This combination of armor proved to be an unstoppable force for warriors and guarded them exquisitely!

Chainmail Armor Shirt:

Chainmail Armor Shirt

Though chainmail isn’t used in battle today, it still sticks around, being worn in industrial jobs and meat cutting among other functions.  Thus, what started as armor of long ago has proven that its effects are timeless.  To see our collection of chainmail armor, go to

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