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Japanese Samurai: Superstars…Or Something

If you have seen the Tom Cruise movie The Last Samurai, you may think that being a samurai was all fun and games.  While there was an element of that, being one of these famous warriors was not completely glamorous.  … Continue reading

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Medieval Shield Symbols: Pictures Of A Thousand Words

In thinking about medieval armor and weapons, it all seems quite grand!  There were the helmets, the swords, and one of the most important pieces, the shield.  While these pieces provided excellent protection, they also carried much more significance than … Continue reading

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The Real Celtic Warrior: Clarity on Common Celtic Fallacies

With every historical period and people group, myths and misconceptions are guaranteed to arise.  As a result, civilizations get slapped with stuff they shouldn’t or they do not get the credit for their contributions.  And thus, let’s tackle one of … Continue reading

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Time For A Knightly Joust

Jousting was truly riveting to watch and probably even more exciting to watch.  To be successful in this sport, a knight was required to be both a skilled horse rider and a masterful swordsman.  The match began with two men … Continue reading

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