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Rapiers – Fighting On The Edge

Since the dawn of time, many combat weapons have come and gone.  Among them are swords, which have been one of the earliest weapons and have lasted through the generations.  It wasn’t until the emergence of firearms that swords took … Continue reading

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The Claymore – Cutting At Its Finest

You may have heard the word “claymore” thrown around here and there, but what exactly is it?  To start with, let’s just admit that it sounds cool…rolls off the tongue so nicely!  To shed some light on this though, you … Continue reading

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The Trojan War: History In The Making

In examining the many wonders of the world, there are indeed many, but one of the most fascinating lies in the realm of history.  What is meant by this is that even with the wealth of historical research and documentation … Continue reading

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The National Civil War Museum – A Journey To The Past

It started because of conflicting views over slavery and resulted in all-out war with several casualties.  From 1861 to 1865, the American Civil War waged in full force between the northern and southern states in a fight for freedom.  Though … Continue reading

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