The Trojan War: History In The Making

In examining the many wonders of the world, there are indeed many, but one of the most fascinating lies in the realm of history.  What is meant by this is that even with the wealth of historical research and documentation available today, we will never know the complete story because, plain and simply, we weren’t there!  True, we can grasp many details of things of the past, but there will always be areas of intrigue that will never be fully known.  Among them is the subject of the Trojan War and whether or not it actually transpired.  These events have been widely debated with evidence supporting both sides of the argument.  Be it fact or fiction, no one can deny that the tale of the Achaeans versus the city of Troy has become a part of our history in some way, if for no other reason than shaping several aspects of our modern culture.

Trojan Helmets:

The Trojan War and its famous characters have had a lasting impact on many commonalities of today, even some of which you may not be full aware of.  For example, you have heard the expression “Achilles’ heel”, but what you may not know is that it is rooted in the Greek hero, Achilles, who led troops into Troy and killed the Trojan hero, Hector.  Achilles was known for his incredible strength, but had a weak heel.  In turn, the term “Achilles’ heel” came to represent one’s weakness in the midst of.

Trojan War Helmet – Bronze:

Trojan War Helmet - Bronze

Another cultural staple emerging from the Trojan War was inspired by the Trojan horse, which was the wooden animal responsible for transporting soldiers into the city gates of Troy for an unexpected attack.  Grounded upon this, a Trojan horse now signifies something seemingly harmless that has power to do serious damage.  This term has been used in many fields, one of the most notable being technology.  In computers, the term has been coined to name a deadly virus that can destroy a hard drive.  This malware appears to be no big deal, but spreads quickly with detrimental effects.  Also, you may have heard the phrase “Beware of the Greeks bearing gifts” which was developed because of the horse that these guys gave the Trojans.

In the vein of pop culture and entertainment, the Trojan War has made a splash in many media forms through the generations.  The most reputable of these is probably Homer’s The Odyssey which is a required piece of literature for most high school English classes and the writing’s title also brought about the word “odyssey” meaning a long and perilous journey.  There have also been a good amount of films created around this subject, with the most recent being 2004’s Troy.  And let’s not forget the television shows, video games, conventions and reenactments, costumes and accessories, etc. that the Trojan War has given us!

Trojan War Helmet:

Trojan War helmet

As you can see, the Trojan War, truth or tale, has left a pretty big mark and even if it didn’t happen, it will remain in the history books for the ways it has helped to form modern culture.

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