The Notable Facets of Chainmail Armor For Sale

If you are a historical enthusiast, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across chainmail armor for sale.  No one can deny its appeal bearing a spiffy look with its interlocking ring pattern. Nor can anyone discount the place of chainmail in history. Worn through the ages, it proved to be effective protection.  And when it comes to selecting a piece of chainmail for yourself, you should be aware of the various options that lie before you.

When you encounter chainmail armor for sale, you will notice a variety of material used for its construction.  These materials range from steel to aluminum to bronze and brass, as well as gold, silver, and even titanium.  You should definitely give this some consideration.  For example, if you desire chainmail armor for a re-enactment, aluminum offers a cost effective option with a shiny appearance and a light weight that gives flexible movement.  Titanium also serves chainmail armor well with its strength and light weight.  For a material with more strength and durability, steel is the ideal choice.  Within this class, there is mild, galvanized steel.  Mild steel is perfect for a medieval costume with a dull look.  Galvanized steel also makes a nice compliment with a dirty look.  And stainless steel will add a shine.  If you are rolling in the dough, brass, bronze, and copper may be your preference.  These metals are extremely strong and radiate like a new penny.  They are perfect for chainmail display pieces. And finally, gold and silver are at the top of the class.  Yes, they are at a premium cost and they are not the best for wearing.  However, chainmail pieces of this nature are quite impressive.

Different types of chainmail construction - butted, flat ring riveted, dome riveted, and combination.

Different types of chainmail consturction – butted, flat ring riveted, dome riveted, and combination.

Another consideration as you examine the different kinds of chainmail armor for sale is the weave you want.  There are quite a few different patterns with the most popular being the European 4-in1 weave. Widespread throughout Europe, especially during the Middle Ages, each ring passes through four others in this style.  Providing a denser feel, the European 6-in-1 weave links each ring with six others.  Offering yet another variation on this weave comes the European 8-in-1 which connects each ring with eight others.  As this weave is heavier, it brings with it greater strength. However, the down side is its lack of flexibility compared to the 4-in1 pattern.  Other weaves that fall into this category are the European 10-in1, 12-in-1, and 14-in-1.  These patterns pretty much speak for themselves with each ring passing through ten, twelve, and fourteen rings.  In addition, the European 8-in-2 (also known as the “King’s Maille”) and the European 12-in-2 (also known as the “Emperor’s Maille”) build from the foundation of the 4-in-1 and 6-in-1, but the number of rings are doubled.  As more rings are added to the weaves, the more time consuming and challenging they become to construct.

Aside from European weaves, there are other types in scattered categories worth mentioning.  As chainmail was popular in Japan too, the Japanese Hex offers a unique configuration of triangles and hexagons with six rings connected to each ring that lays flat.  Then there is the dragon scale weave which consists of an overlapping pattern of small and large rings that look like dragon scales.

Alongside chainmail armor for sale, you will also find chainmail jewelry for sale which contains some uniquely decorative weaves.  Among them is the box chain which features a chain weave with pairs of rings in opposite directions.  In the same vein comes the bird cage (also known as the Byzantine) which resembles the box chain, but with a reversing pattern.  Then there’s the classic spiral weave, whose name speaks for its self.  These mail weaves are only some of the noteworthy designs that exist.

The world of chainmail is vast, but hopefully this insight will give you food for thought the next time you see chainmail armor for sale, or other chainmail items for that matter, in selecting the perfect piece to fit your liking.

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