8 Tips on Selecting the Right Ancient Armor

8 Tips for Selecting the Right Ancient Armor

When it comes to getting authentic armor for your event or experience, many people will just settle for a run of the mill, off the rack costume that doesn’t even come close to representing the type of armor worn during a specific time period or in a specific fantasy game. A Russian Centurion will look out of place in a castle during the middle ages and a Templar would be anachronistic in ancient Greece. Details will make all the difference when putting together an event or working with a movie or theater production. Those details include having the right armor for the time period that you are representing.

At the Armor Venue, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the armor that they want and deserve. You won’t have to worry if the armor fits the time period because we’ll help guide you through the process of selecting the right ancient armor. Even better, your armor will be sure to fit you well. While metal armor can be uncomfortable and hot, especially when you are looking for authenticity, we will get you the best fit possible given the parameters of the outfit that you choose.

Whether you are looking to wow them at the next Renaissance Faire, want something awesome to rock at the next comic con, or you have something else in mind for your ancient armor, check out our inventory and contact us when you’re ready to find the armor that will fulfill your medieval or ancient cosplay needs.

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