The Uniforms and Weapons of Roman Soldiers

The legions of Rome are legendary and with good reason. Rome raised the first standing army, required their soldiers to work at a steady pace every day of the week, and trained them in more skills than Boy Scouts have badges. Some of the greatest battles come out of the Romans facing off against the barbarian hordes, and while their armor and weapons were important to those battles, many historians recognize that it was the Roman soldiers’ discipline that gave Rome an edge in most conflicts. The Armor Venue cannot help you with the discipline aspect, but we can share with you some amazing facts about Roman armor and uniforms.

Colosseum in RomeRoman Soldier Armor

Few examples of actual Roman armor have survived the ravages of time. Fortunately, history has several detailed descriptions of what the Romans wore into battle. Generally, they had a type of scale mail made from wood, bone, or metal. They also used leather boiled in wax to make it harder.

Roman Soldier Weapons

No Roman soldier costume will be complete without the right kind of weapons. It is important to keep in mind that the Romans were divided into the Legionnaires and the Centurions. They used spears, swords, and sling shots.

The Roman Soldier

While the Roman soldier often carried a pack that weighed 60 pounds in addition to his weapons and armor, chances are that your Roman soldier uniform won’t have to be that comprehensive. You may need to choose a shield and make sure that the armor is time-period appropriate, but you will also want to make sure that your costume is easy to move around in. For those looking for reenactment authenticity, it is important to do more research than can be expressed here. After all, the Romans ruled the known world for a long time and built roads from Great Britain to North Africa. They were never a stagnant nation when it came to advancing their territories.

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