Popular Types of Medieval Helmets

If you’re interested in medieval history and armor, you’ve probably spent some time studying the different types of medieval helmets. If you spend some time online, you’ll be amazed how many types of armor can be purchased online for your personal collection, including helmets. These helmets, whether you look at Greek warrior helmets or knight helmets, are a great addition to any collection. It is helpful to have some context about when and how the various types of armor were used. Here are some of the types of medieval helmets that were used during the medieval period.

Medieval HelmetTypes of Helmets

Medieval helmets were some of the most varied helmets ever made. Helmets, like most types of armour, were traditionally worn by knights, soldiers, body guards, and anyone else who may have the need to protect themselves from violence. They were made with several different materials and came in many different shapes and styles. Helmets were designed with protection in mind, and many of the varieties offered little comfort or visibility. Helmets worn by knights often included visors, and were designed to protect the wearer from blows to the face.

There were also a variety of soldier helmets, typically made of metal, that were designed to protect the wearer from catastrophic blows to the head. These included the sallet, arthurian, and barbuta helmets. As time went on, helmets became more sophisticated, and by the renaissance and enlightenment eras, metal helmets were both functional and practical, allowing the wearer increased visibility and protection at the fraction of the cost. Most commoners did not commonly use metal helmets.


Most knight and soldier helmets were made of iron or steel and were made of full pieces of sheet metal by a blacksmith. Some of these helmets could be quite expensive, and they were sometimes passed down by families for generations. Other helmets were made out of chain mail or ring mail, types of linked metal pieces that were used to make armour as well. For everyday protection, individuals would use helmets made out of boiled leather or heavy cloth pieces. These leather helmets would sometimes have studded pieces of metal woven into the cloth or fastened to the leather to add extra protection.

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