How Leather Armor Was Used in the Roman Military

Leather is a versatile material that has been used in the military since early times for its sturdy, protective nature. If you’re looking for leather armor for sale, you’ll be able to find quite a variety ranging from early Roman times into the Medieval era.

Standardized Equipment

Although other soldiers had begun using leather armor before the Romans, the Romans were one of the first civilizations to start standardizing their military equipment. Everything they used–from weapons to armor–was created according to a set pattern and produced in large quantities. This ensured that everyone was equally equipped to go into battle, and it also made weapons and armor easier to manufacture in large numbers. Both gave them a distinct advantage over their less organized barbarian adversaries.

In addition to clothing, Roman armies used leather for a variety of purposes such as shields and horses’ harnesses, and also used it for larger weapons.

Benefits of Leather

Medieval leather armor had many benefits for the wearer. While strong, it was also light and relatively flexible–especially compared with other options like metal or wood. This gave soldiers more speed and maneuverability, and let them excel in hand-to-hand combat. It had other advantages over metal armor as well: leather was cheaper and more readily available, and it was far easier to make armor.

Types of Leather Armor

People looking for leather armor for sale are sure to find many varieties of arm guards, chest guards, and skirts to protect the upper thighs. These were all common in the Roman military, and you’ll find different styles based on the time each piece was used. Leather footwear was also frequently used to protect soldiers’ feet as they traveled long distances or over rough ground.

Leather was commonly used in combination with other materials–especially metals–to give the wearer the best combination of strength and maneuverability. Metal plates would often be fastened together with leather straps, or leather could be used to protect the legs while metal was used to protect the chest and head. Leather could also be used to pad heavy metal chest protectors to make the wearer a little more comfortable.

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