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Medieval Shields: More Than Meets The Eye

During the Middle Ages, shields were a hot commodity to one’s armament.  Both mounted knights and foot soldiers alike sported these defensive pieces.  Not only shields offer protection against opponents’ blows, they also boasted an attractive appearance with ornate images … Continue reading

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Medieval Shield Symbols: Pictures Of A Thousand Words

In thinking about medieval armor and weapons, it all seems quite grand!  There were the helmets, the swords, and one of the most important pieces, the shield.  While these pieces provided excellent protection, they also carried much more significance than … Continue reading

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The Scutum: A Comforting Thought

Every era of warfare has that one weapon that stands out in the crowd.  For example in ancient Greece, it was the hoplon shield and in Rome, it was the scutum. In examining the defining weapons of Rome, one of … Continue reading

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You Don’t Tamper with the Templars

Nowadays, an excursion to the Holy Land might come in a nice little package from your travel agent, complete with the option of first-class airfare. But in the 9th century, taking a pilgrimage to the sacred city of Jerusalem was … Continue reading

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Of Kings and Coats of Arms: Sign of the Lionheart

Sure, shields and armor are about protecting you from battle wounds and death and all that, but let’s be honest…aren’t they also about showing off what a blue-blooded, war-heroic hotshot you are? Men of the Middle Ages certainly seemed to … Continue reading

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