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Gladiators: The Men Behind The Roman Armor

Crowds flocked from miles around to watch them.  They were quite a spectacle with their mad skills and flashy Roman armor. They gave an empire heroes to believe in and became the pride of the people.  Indeed Roman gladiators were … Continue reading

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Famous Figures of Ancient Rome: Emperor Commodus

You may be most familiar with him from Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal in the 2000 film Gladiator, but here is the real story of the infamous Roman emperor, Commodus. Gladiator Armor: http://www.armorvenue.com/official-replicas-gladiator-movie.html Born as the tenth of fourteen children to Marcus … Continue reading

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Gladiator Fighting: Playing By The Rules

Gladiators in ancient Rome were known as brutal fighters, engaging in combat to the death.  With so much brutality, it would seem that these battles were free-for-alls without structure and order.  However, like modern fighters, such as wrestlers and boxers, … Continue reading

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