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Consider This Gauntlet Thrown

Why have a chip on your shoulder when instead you can have a heavy metal glove to smack onto the ground, sounding the satisfying clang of your wrath? Well, maybe you’ve never even heard of said metal glove. In that … Continue reading

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Brace Yourself… Or At Least Your Arms

Q: What is a warrior’s most important possession? A: His arms! Yes, we’re talking the physiological appendages. After all, how is he to wield his weapon without them? Medieval armor-makers must have agreed because their creation of plate armor included … Continue reading

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The Medieval Iron Man

Centuries before the Tin Man gamboled down the yellow brick road, the men of the Medieval Age pranced around dressed head-to-toe in metal. Well, “pranced” is a relative term, considering the fact that a full suit of armor weighed about … Continue reading

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To Cuirass or Not to Cuirass?

The ancient Egyptians were actually the civilization that created the first known armor – a shirt-like garment with bronze plates sewn onto it. The armor was very weighty, making walking like an Egyptian very difficult, unlike the delightful dance craze … Continue reading

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