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Medieval Shield Symbols: Pictures Of A Thousand Words

In thinking about medieval armor and weapons, it all seems quite grand!  There were the helmets, the swords, and one of the most important pieces, the shield.  While these pieces provided excellent protection, they also carried much more significance than … Continue reading

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The Battle Axe: A Cutting Companion

When reflecting on the Medieval period, the common image is of galloping horses, adventurous knights, and daring swordfights.  True, these were elements of the Middle Ages, but more than being exciting, it was an extremely violent time in history.  War … Continue reading

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Renaissance Weapons Revisited

As time marches forward, the world must find ways to adjust to the changes around them.  In each new era, new things are brought in and old things fade away.  When it comes to the Renaissance period, this is no … Continue reading

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The Medieval Shield: Weaponry Or Art?

For a knight or soldier during the Middle Ages, a shield not only offered solid protection from those brutal blows from their adversaries, but this piece also served as a weapon.  As part of their training, men practiced for hours … Continue reading

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One Cut at a Time

If you were a warrior in the Viking age, you would want a weapon that was quick and light, with easy access for those deadly attacks that were so rampant.  Thus, the preferred choice for fighting was the battle axe.  … Continue reading

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