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The Sparta Unified School District Presents…

This isn’t a hippie commune. This isn’t a kindergarten classroom. This is SPARTA. Know the difference – or you might find yourself on the wrong end of a highly-sharpened spear… Sparta was legendary for its warrior culture. All Greek city-states … Continue reading

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A Gorget for Your Thoughts?

No, a gorget is not a mythological monster with snakes for hair. A medieval gorget is not a petite woman who still manages to shovel down tons of food. A gorget happens to be precisely the piece of armor you … Continue reading

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Win a FREE Trojan War Helmet! Sweepstakes at Armor Venue are Now Live!

We’ve just launched another sweepstakes event over at the Armor Venue Facebook page. This time we’re giving away a free Trojan War Helmet priced at $189. It’s free to enter the giveway with no obligation, so head over to our … Continue reading

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My Armor’s Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

Not to be outdone by their European counterparts, the warriors of Japan decided to blacksmith their way into the armor game around the 4th century A.D. The first samurai armor cuirass was called “tanko,” maybe because it made the samurai … Continue reading

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New Photo “Joan of Arc” from our Photo Contest!

Our next featured photo comes from Joseph Peterson! This photo shows Joan of Arc in some chainmail and a variant of the Medieval Pigface Helmet! Great pose!

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Pauldrons on My Shoulders Make Me Happy

As a knight, if you want to brush your shoulder off like a boss, you’d have to do so through a layer of metal. The pieces of armor covering a knight’s shoulders were called “pauldrons.” Now stop. Before I say … Continue reading

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Roman Centurion Costume from the AV Photo Contest

Today’s featured photo from the AV photo contest comes from Victoria! We’d like to thank her for her cool submission of a Roman Centurion Costume. You can view these products and a similar costume on our website here:

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Consider This Gauntlet Thrown

Why have a chip on your shoulder when instead you can have a heavy metal glove to smack onto the ground, sounding the satisfying clang of your wrath? Well, maybe you’ve never even heard of said metal glove. In that … Continue reading

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The Sword and the Polishing Stone: The Magical World of Sword Maintenance

From Rome to independent Scotland to Elizabethan England, the sword has been the fighting man’s most trusted companion throughout the ages and lasts much longer than a Labrador retriever. Keep the swing in your blade by heeding these steps for … Continue reading

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Plate Armor-y and the Chainmail Kid: Adventures in Armor Maintenance

You’re a knight at heart, but you also want to look the part! Keeping your armor in tip-top shape does require some elbow grease, especially because steel plate armor and chainmail is prone to rusting. Even if you’ve avoided battling … Continue reading

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