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Link by Link: A Chain of Sorts

When you hear the term “chainmail”, you most likely think of those annoying e-mails that so inconveniently flood you inbox, asking you to forward them so your wish will come true or something ridiculous like that.  While this is indeed … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend Sale! Save Up to $50 Extra Off Your Order!

Labor Day weekend is finally here, and we’d like to celebrate by giving gave a special 3 Day Sale! Save $15 off your order of $75 or more with the coupon code “15off75” Save $25 off your order of $150 … Continue reading

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death: The Life of a Gladiator

Nowadays, the term “gladiator” is used to describe those people who demonstrate extreme courage and stamina, as they engage in intense and risky competitive sports.  Boxers, wrestlers, football players, and even Olympic athletes would qualify for the title of gladiator … Continue reading

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A Knight’s Best Friend

What do Braveheart, First Knight, and Robin Hood have in common?  If you were thinking that all of these movies are set in the Medieval period and have awesome fight scenes, then you hit the bull’s eye!  And what empowers … Continue reading

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Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, A Legionary’s Life For Me

You, kid! Yeah, you… you wanna join the Roman Legion? What’s a legion?! You been living under a petram, Bro-ticus? Sit down and lemme tell you all about the fighting man’s chance of a lifetime. Back in the day, when … Continue reading

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You Don’t Tamper with the Templars

Nowadays, an excursion to the Holy Land might come in a nice little package from your travel agent, complete with the option of first-class airfare. But in the 9th century, taking a pilgrimage to the sacred city of Jerusalem was … Continue reading

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Your Knights May Be Hospital, but Ours Are Hospitaller

When we think of knights, we usually think of valiant men who fought in full armor, jousted on horseback, and checked to see if your temperature and blood pressure were too high. Wait, what was that last one? Ah yes, … Continue reading

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LARP Like Your LOTR-Style Weapon Has Never Been Broken

For those of you who are unsure whether LARP means a type of poetic songbird or a blob of pig fat, and are also unsure why people spell it in all caps as if they’re yelling (as in “Hey Johnny! … Continue reading

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Who Let the Orcs Out? (Ork, Ork, Ork-Ork)

Before we attempt to dress you up like an orc, we must answer one very simple question: What exactly is an orc? To answer this quite thoroughly, we must travel back to the early 1900’s when a man named John … Continue reading

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Japanese Warriors and Their Armor: And Oda Nobunaga Was His Name-O

Oda Nobunaga was a trouble-maker from the start. Born in 1534 as the son of the lord of the Owari province in Japan, he came to power at age 15 after his father’s death. Scandal began immediately as Nobunaga’s behavior … Continue reading

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