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Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2016 at Armor Venue – Save 15% Now Through 5-31!

Click on the banner below to go to our website and start browsing: Coupon Code Details This coupon code is good until Tuesday, May 31st. Get an instant 15% off your order using the coupon code “memorial15” at checkout or … Continue reading

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Medieval Shields: More Than Meets The Eye

During the Middle Ages, shields were a hot commodity to one’s armament.  Both mounted knights and foot soldiers alike sported these defensive pieces.  Not only shields offer protection against opponents’ blows, they also boasted an attractive appearance with ornate images … Continue reading

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Medieval Helmets or Stylish Protection?

Being a knight during the Middle Ages was not as glamorous as what you see in films.  True, there were probably damsels in distress to rescue and castles to storm, but knights were also in the heat of battle.  As … Continue reading

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Armor and Chainmail Maintenance – Simple Instructions to Keep Your Armor New!

Visit us at to see our full range of chainmail shirts and hauberks, and breastplates.

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