Suit of Armor For Sale And A Historical Tale

If you’ve ever seen a suit of armor for sale,

Were you aware of the pieces it does entail?

Though it may look like one big chunk of metal, it has many parts

That work together to guard against the enemies fiery darts.

Thus, if a suit of armor for sale catches your eye,

You should know the function of each component before you buy.

Whether you wear the suit or put it on display,

Here’s a brief overview to enlighten your day.

If you journey back in time through history’s pages,

You’ll find suits of armor in the Middle Ages.

Worn on the battlefield, they were every knight’s fashion,

Shining in the sun while they fought with such passion.

Much improved from just padded garments and chainmail,

This armor was effective to greater avail.

Made of metal plates, it welcomed movement with ease.

Not overly heavy, these suits surely did please.

They were also status symbols for valiant knights,

Commanding respect from on-lookers in their fights.

But a suit of armor for sale had a high price

That the lower class most likely couldn’t suffice.

Each suit had to be tailor made and custom sized.

And exact measurements couldn’t be compromised.

A suit of armor had many parts.  The question is “where to start?”

So well assembled, this armor had some gumption

Fully equipped and ready for every function

In terms of body armor, the breastplate and back plate were the picks

While faulds, attached armor rings, guarded the lower back, abs, and hips.

The rerebrace and vambrace guarded the guarded the upper and lower arm

While small, round shields called besagues protected the armpit with charm.

Gloves with metal plates on the fingers, called gauntlets, covered the hand

And sabatons were metal plates attached to boots to help one stand.

Knee defense was known as poleyns and cuisses, defense for the thigh,

Greaves for the calf and ankle, and spurs to “spur” a knight’s horse to fly.

It’s a no brainer the helmet offered protection for the head

With an attached aventail to keep the back of the neck from dead.

There was a visor and detachable piece for the face and eyes.

And in a nutshell, this is what a suit of armor does comprise.


Because suits of armor protected so well,

Advancement in weapons rose and cast its spell.

With plate armor, swords and spears could not penetrate,

So stronger pole arms did these suits stimulate.

Maces, war hammers, and pole axes entered the scene

With the power to do damage by a blow real mean.

As a result, plate armor took its final bow

And no suit of armor for sale was in sight now.

The time had come for something new

As armor evolution grew.

True of any period, change was destined to come,

But who can deny suits of armor had a good run?


So the next time you see a suit of armor for sale,

Consider investing in something more than chainmail.

When you put it on, you’ll be protected, respected, and look mad cool.

Not only that, you’ll be sporting something from the armor history pool!

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