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Medieval Swordplay: Method To The Madness

Since the dawn of time, swords have been on the scene and through the ages, sword fighting has morphed in many ways.  But it was the medieval knights who truly defined this great art and laid a foundation for future … Continue reading

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Lesser Known Facts About Knights-Their Armor, Their Weapons, and Their Way of Life

Knights have been around for centuries and continue to live in as the subject of film, literature, and pop culture.  There is a wealth of information on these daring warriors, so here are some lesser known facts about knights to … Continue reading

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On Guard: Fencing Swords

When it comes to sword fighting, one of the most popular types is fencing.  Originating in Spain, the sport gradually moved through other parts of Europe, including Italy during the Italian Renaissance and eventually developed into modern fencing.  The art … Continue reading

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Not a Banana, But a Katana

When a samurai would go into battle, there was always that dilemma of what sword to choose.  Several options were set before him, and among them was the katana.  These swords were most common in feudal Japan, but its development … Continue reading

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Turn and Draw

So, you’ve seen all those daring swordfights and snazzy moves in the movies and now you are inspired to become a swordsman yourself.  But be forewarned: using a sword is no walk in the park!  It takes training and technique … Continue reading

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