How Leather Armor Was Used in the Roman Military

Leather is a versatile material that has been used in the military since early times for its sturdy, protective nature. If you’re looking for leather armor for sale, you’ll be able to find quite a variety ranging from early Roman times into the Medieval era.

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How to Choose the Right Viking Shield

If you are in the market for a Viking helmet or shield to complete your ensemble, there are a number of practical considerations that go into the decision. From deciding on how historically accurate to be, to what weather you will be using it in, the only major difference between you and a historical Viking is that you will hopefully not have to depend on your shield for your life. In looking for a shield, there are essentially four major considerations.

Viking shield
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How to Choose the Right Type of Roman Helmet

Whether you are looking at listings for a Roman helmet or have come across an individual with a Roman helmet for sale, there are a number of factors that go into choosing the right type of Roman helmet for your needs. Think about what you are going to do with your helmet, decide on the time period and social rank of the Roman you would like to represent, and consider your budget.

Roman soldier helmet

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A Brief Introduction to Roman Soldier Costumes

If you find yourself needing to dress like a Roman soldier, it’s likely you’re looking for a standard version of roman soldier armor. Nevertheless, don’t worry if you cannot get everything perfect, as roman soldiers didn’t have an official uniform and would have modified what they were wearing based on combat situations. There are some components you won’t want to miss, so always do some research on Ancient Rome’s military outfits.

Roman soldier costume

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Why Roman Helmets Had Brushes on Them

Scholars who study history have differing theories for the reasons behind the brush on a Roman soldier’s helmet. There are 3 main theories: decoration, protection, and rank. These theories aren’t mutually exclusive, so you don’t have to believe one is better than the other. However, for those who are experts in the subject, they can spark a debate. Continue reading

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Getting to Know Your Roman Armor

If you collect Roman armor as a hobby, you probably take the time to search for authentic Roman armor. Roman armor is most recognizable for its use in epic battles and wars. But just how much do you know about it? Not all Roman armor is the same and such armor changed through the history of the Roman Empire. Here are some facts to help determine what type of Roman armor you have in your collection.

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Facts about Roman Helmets for Collectors

The Roman Republic and Empire each flourished as major world powers for hundreds of years. Any collectors who want good examples of helmet craftsmanship will have a lot to choose from. In case you’d like to learn a little bit about these pieces of Roman soldier armor, we have a few quick facts for you.

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Famous Historical Knight Helmets You Should Check Out

Throughout the history of warfare, several helmet styles stand out: the Imperial helmet, the medieval knight helmet, and the Japanese helmet. Keep reading to learn more about these unique pieces from the experts at the Armor Venue.

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What Roman Soldier Costumes Teach about Roman History

The dress and costumes of various kinds of humans from ancient time periods can often illuminate much about the way they lived and the history of their people and times.

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All You Need to Know about Roman Soldier Costumes

Roman Soldier Costume

figure dressed in Roman soldier standing in the rain

Whether you’re putting on a theatrical production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” or simply interested in dressing up as a member of the Roman legion for Halloween, you want to look polished and realistic rather than cheap and commonplace. Obviously, you want the materials to be of higher quality, but you also want the armor to make sense historically and while seeming authentic. The design and the styling must match what people expect from a Roman soldier uniform. Continue reading

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